Dac (David Alcalá)

Dac is a writer, artist, illustrator, and manga culture promoter. His charming drawings strongly resonate with younger fandom. He creates entertaining characters with a unique and carefree drawing style that captures the essence of the characters. These distinctive originals undoubtedly make a wonderful addition to the room of any manga-loving child or teenager.

Dac pursued studies in artistic baccalaureate, illustration, graphic design, and audiovisual animation. He is a contributor to the Misión Tokyo podcast, where he not only participates in discussions but also conducts interviews. It’s quite a diverse mix, and he skillfully blends these experiences into his comics. Whether he’s drawing himself with his ups and downs or exploring characters from comics, manga, publishers, or animation, his comics about everyday life are full of wit and charm. Works like Bolas de Dac, Dales caña, and Pos eso are sure to bring a smile to your face. Gatuso is one of his original characters.

Dac‘s unique drawing style has led him to create iconic thematic posters featuring over 100 comic characters. He has also worked on storyboards for animated series and teaches drawing classes.

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