Flunker / Flunkerne – Original ink + Original watercolor – Cera / Ramis


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Title: Flunker – Flunkerne
Artist: Cera – Ramis
Media Type: Original ink + Original watercolors
Measurements: 41 cm x 30 cm
Condition: Perfect condition
Genre: original page ink + Page with original color – Xunguis – Published in Ole no. 11 (1995)
Art: Unique work ink +  direct original color – Delivered signed

Includes transparent page with the original labeling of the dialogue bubbles

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Cera and Ramis made these pages for the Xunguis comics. The drawing is the work of Cera and the color was given manually by Ramis. This copy was printed on paper from the ink original and later painted by hand directly with liquid watercolors. This is one of those pages in which the careful and perfect color with watercolors is direct and original.
The original labeling of the dialogue bubbles is included on transparent paper.

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