Joaquín Cera

Holding an original piece by Joaquín Cera allows one to dive into the history of humor magazines from the Bruguera school and be amazed at how different his work appears compared to its published versions, often characterized by random and unappealing colors that diminish the vibrancy of his original drawing. One can truly appreciate his art and classic hand lettering in his original pages and drawings. If you’re looking for a spectacular, intricate, and large original, any page from the Xunguis are genuine masterpieces filled with meticulous details.


Cera is a scriptwriter and cartoonist of humor comics, and it is not an exaggeration to say he follows in the footsteps of great cartoonists like Francisco Ibáñez, creator of Mortadelo y Filemón, or Vázquez, creator of Anacleto. One only needs to review his comics of Pafman, his most famous character, to see the whimsical spark that fills every other frame. It guarantees laughter and wild humor in equal measure!

Cera began his journey at the Joso school and, while still very young, worked during the last active year of Editorial Bruguera with his series Rebuznos en el espacio. In 1987, already with Ediciones B, Bruguera’s successor publisher, his work expanded with hundreds of pages of diverse humor comics, and above all, with the creation of his star character Pafman. He also stood out with other characters like Dr. Pacostein. Pafman is a humorous take on Batman, and it was a mainstay in all the youth magazines like Mortadelo from the publisher until its closure in 1996. The character rightfully returned with more extended adventures in 2004. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a good laugh!

In the nineties, he also drew for risqué erotic comic magazines like La Judía Verde or El Cuervo, often signing as Yamabuki, and other youth magazines that emerged from TV shows like Al Ataque or El Chou. Alongside the artist Juan Carlos Ramis, they created Los Xunguis, mischievous aliens who starred in activity books in the style of Where’s Waldo?, which have continued to be successfully published to this day in various countries. In 2000, Cera and Ramis were the minds behind the rejuvenation of Zipi y Zape, the famous creation by Escobar, characters for which new albums were published. A lesser-known aspect of the author’s career was his scriptwriting for children’s TV programs like Con mucha marcha con Leticia Sabater and animated series by Neptuno Films like La vaca Connie or Bandolero. You can now purchase his original work here.

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