Roger Bonet

Owing an original piece by Roger Bonet allows you to see the guts and passion of his work, to see the effort in all its deep blacks, grime, and lines that lie behind the published work. His pencils and heavily applied inks have more power in his original work. An author who masters the most bizarre scenes with an eighties vibe, in which superheroes, horror, robots, sexy girls, and anthropomorphic beings can be combined.


Roger Bonet is a scriptwriter and comic artist. He studied at the Joso school, and his earliest drawings were seen in magazines like Dungeons & Dragons. At just sixteen years old, he worked as an inker for Marvel Italia on titles like Euroforce and Conan. In the nineties, with the boom of erotic comics, he wrote scripts for magazines like Wet Comix and Eros Cómics. His work as an inker continued directly for the United States with publishers like Avatar Press and Marvel Comics on series like Hercules, Ultimate Enemy, The Avengers, or Hulk, some with drawings by Rafa Sandoval or Carlos Pacheco. His love for this art led Bonet to work with independent publishers where he could develope his talent as a comprehensive illustrator. As such, he has published in comics like The Westwood Witches, Beast Comandos, and Roman Ritual. Other works can be seen in comics like Grimm Tales of Terror for Zenescope Entertainment or Jurassic Strike Force on Comixology. He was the scriptwriter for Cazadores de Gonzos and also for the comic Freelancers by Unrated Comics. He currently works desigining characters for cartoons, video games, and role-playing games, and draws comic pages for independent publishers.

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