Ramis’s works are pure adrenaline, venturing into unexpected territories, merging the nostalgia of Bruguera’s humorous style with a modern approach that showcases scenes that would never have been seen in the old Bruguera magazines, let alone in today’s era.

Juan Carlos Ramis is a writer, illustrator, and graphic designer. He’s a creator of humorous comics, quick-witted, clever, and audacious, who delighted both young and adult audiences in the late ’80s and ’90s with his ingenious contributions to youth and adult humor magazines. He started as a self-taught artist, publishing his graphic jokes in the Lecturas magazine and festive erotic comics like Dirty Pig in Norma Editorial’s A Tope magazine. In 1987, he joined Ediciones B and began contributing to youth publications with various characters of his own creation, such as Alfalfo Romeo, Estrellito Castro, and Sporty, alongside a variety of pages covering diverse themes with mischievous humor that became popular among young comic readers. His drawing style, simple yet effective, was combined with stories that utilized wordplay, misunderstandings, and a touch of gentle eroticism, all approached with humor in mind. Notably, he ventured into a more adult sense of humor, collaborating with other publishers and contributing to magazines based on television programs like Al Ataque and El Chou.

In the ’90s, he created Los Xunguis alongside illustrator Cera, mischievous Martians featured in puzzle books. In collaboration with Cera, he also reinvigorated the characters Zipi and Zape, originally created by Escobar.

With the comic industry’s crisis in the late ’90s, Ramis transitioned into animation, working on storyboards and scripts for children’s programs and pursuing a career as a graphic designer and advertising professional.

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