Enric Badia Romero

Romero‘s artwork belongs to the great classics of comics. Not in vain did he learn part of the trade alongside Emilio Freixas, another of the greatest Spanish cartoonists. Romero‘s drawing is elegant, sensual, perfect, classic yet modern at the same time. His original drawings, whether in pencil or ink, are pure art. Holding a Modesty Blaise or Axa comic strip in your hands is a true visual delight.

Romero was born in Barcelona in 1930. His first published work dates back to 1947 for the magazine El Coyote, and more than 75 years followed, proving himself a master of drawing and illustration, especially of the female figure. He has created thousands of drawings, comic pages, and illustrations for publishers in various countries. From 1970 onwards, Romero definitively shaped and made the character of Modesty Blaise, with scripts by Peter O’Donnell, one of the most recognizable figures in the world of comics. Modesty is the protagonist of long-running daily comic strips for the British market.

Axa is his famous original comic character, created by Romero in 1978 at the request of the British newspaper The Sun. In comic strip format, it narrates the adventures of a girl who survives sword in hand in a devastated world. The scripts were written by Donne Avenell. The strips were published in 30 countries and won the award for the best European strip. This was not surprising given the agile drawing, framing, and dynamics, all meticulously crafted for daily strips.

In his works, strong and sensual women have predominated, such as the aforementioned, but also strong male protagonists like Rahan and Dark, to name just two… He has worked on a short story of Shang-Chi for Marvel Comics and in 2000AD with Judge Anderson.

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