Blas Gallego

Blas Gallego’s art captivates you intensely at just a quick glance. His illustrations are epic, sensual, and overflow with fantasy. Any drawing or sketch of his, no matter how small, exudes charisma and instantly tells you that that you’re in the presence of one of the last great classic illustrators.

Blas Gallego is an illustrator, painter, and comic artist. He is one of the great authors who created illustrations for book covers in a style of bygone days. One only needs to look at magazines like Tótem el Comix and Zona 84 from Toutain Editor, or La Espada Salvaje de Conan para for Marvel. In the United States, compilations of his works can be found in books such as Flesh & Fire, and many of his illustrations grace the covers of novels in various countries like the United States, England, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Japan, or Czechoslovakia, marking him as a widely recognized artist. Blas Gallego has drawn hundreds of science fiction and fantasy illustrations, blending the past and the future, monsters, and spectacular, unusual women. He masterfully understands female anatomy; his women are voluptuous, and he has expertly mixed eroticism and humor. Some of his more erotic works include Orgías históricas, Historia de los pechos, Love Kings Affair, and Dolly, his naive yet very sexy character with a humorous twist.

Gallego is also masterful in youth drawing and comics, having illustrated stories such as Animal Rescue Unit or Horse Angel among many children’s illustrations, and even religious ones! He continued the erotic strips of Ben and Katie for the British newspaper, The Daily Star. He has also delved into painting, with artworks featuring children, flowers, seascapes, and, of course, the female nude. His work has been showcased in art galleries in New York, Barcelona, and Stockholm.

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