Isidre Monés

There are artists who are part of the childhood of many people, often without them knowing it. The magnificent illustrator Isidre Monés is a clear example of this. He illustrated most of the iconic board games for the Cefa company, such as El Imperio Cobra, Alerta Roja, Misterio, La Ruta del Tesoro, La Calle Morgue… Without his captivating graphic touch, these games wouldn’t have been as successful in the past.

Isidre Mones is an all-around artist — a draftsman, illustrator, and painter. He masters watercolor, pencil, ink, acrylic… His illustrations have that vintage charm with retrofuturistic scenes, rural and mysterious landscapes, Dickensian factories, abandoned places, fantasy, horror, realism… His works are so diverse!

The author illustrated numerous sticker albums that brought joy to many childhoods in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, such as Historia de la Navegacin, Zoo Color, La Vuelta al Mundo con Bimbo, El Porqué de las Cosas, Festival del Dibujo Animado. Not to mention the multiple sticker collections found in various pastries or those famous Kalkitos inspired by Felix Rodríguez de la Fuente.

For Bruguera, he created more than 100 covers for the Club del Misterio and Club Joven novel collections. The author also worked for the United States for the legendary Warren publishing house, drawing horror comic strips between 1973 and 1982. Some were published in Spain in magazines like Vampus and Creepy. And for the British market, in the Commando and Bullet headings of the D. C. Thomson publishing house. In the 2000s, for the Educa company, he illustrated many puzzles and children’s books. He drew characters from well-known licenses like Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bravestarr for illustrated books in different countries. He even spent some time drawing Disney comics. It’s impossible to enumerate his extensive body of work here, but one thing is certain — the drawings and illustrations of Isidre Mones are stunning! A great artist!

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