Carlos Azagra

Carlos Azagra’s original artworks predominantly capture the everyday in a cheerful and carefree manner, with the added bonus of being magnificently colored by Encarna Revuelta. Illustrations, comic pages, protest posters for neighborhoods or events… when framed and hung on any wall, they radiate good vibes and life.

Azagra has always been a combative and steadfast illustrator, firmly in the trenches. Through his drawings, he denounces social injustices of all kinds, as some often go unnoticed. With humor, he addresses current social and economic issues, often at the neighborhood level. In the eighties, he published in iconic headers such as Makoki and El Víbora. His most famous characters, Pedro Pico and Pico Vena (1984), and Ovidio (1989) featured in the magazine El Jueves for thirty years, presenting real or imagined stories, full of anecdotes and ideas. On occasion, his work faced censorship. Now, according to the author, censorship is not only political or religious, but also economic from large multinationals. However, he continues his advocacy for justice in fanzines and self-published magazines, or with his drawings done on paper and colored by his partner Encarna Revuelta. His expressive strength can also be seen in hundreds of posters made for neighborhood associations and even on album covers. He has created comic biographies of José Buenaventura Durruti and Labordeta. Moreover, he he’s already unveiled the third volume of the mouth-watering culinary recipes illustrated in Estoy hecho un cocinicas: Recetas en viñetas (Editorial Cornoque), which also features contributions from Xcar and Encarna Revuelta.

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