Santipérez is a craftsman of horror comics. His published work breathes the authenticity and purity of ink, creating atmospheres that captivate you, transporting you back to those times when you thoroughly enjoyed a good horror comic. Not in vain, he published his early works in the last stage of the legendary Creepy magazine by Totain Editor in the nineties.

Santipérez is a writer, but above all, an excellent draftsman and illustrator. A meticulous author who can spend hours creating a single comic page until he feels it is perfect. His stories stand out for the achieved lugubrious and unhealthy atmosphere that envelops them. His initial graphic influences draw from great authors such as Bernie Wrightson, Richard Corben, Mark Schultz, but his style has evolved to create his own. The author has dedicated part of his career to advertising, collaborating in magazines like CNR e Integral (Grupo Zeta), National Geographic-Historia (RBA), and even worked in the gambling industry. Recently, he has worked as the creator of backgrounds for the animated series Memorias de Idhún based on the books by Laura Gallego and other projects in the audiovisual field, including storyboards and presentations for events. But comics are always his passion, to which he returns from time to time for our enjoyment. We have compilations like Various Horror Visions 1 and 2 (Diabolo Ediciones), El Taxidermista y otras histerias macabras (isla Nabumbu), or Diablo House (IDW) for the American market, which the Norma publishing house kindly decided to release in Spain.

His original illustrations and visions of characters from the world of cinema and comics are simply spectacular and carry his own signature. Pure art!

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